Why Pediatric Search Partners?

For starters, one of our founders created and ran a very successful in-house physician recruitment department as Director of Physician Recruitment for one of the top-ranked academic children’s hospitals in the United States – from the ground up.

Imagine: 35 pediatricians and pediatric subspecialists, both academic and clinical, recruited, interviewed, contracts negotiated and hired within just over 12 months. And at 75% under budget for marketing and advertising.

And that’s just one member of our team!

At Pediatric Search Partners, we have first-hand experience within children’s hospitals and health care organizations.

We’ve walked in your shoes and worked collaboratively with leaders at every level. In short, we are very uniquely qualified to truly understand your needs and feel your pain.

Since 2009, PSP has successfully filled over 350 positions across the nation ranging from general pediatricians and pediatric hospitalists to hard-to-fill pediatric subspecialties and executive leadership roles, including Medical Directors, Division Chiefs, Section Heads, Vice Presidents and Chair of Pediatrics.

We know you want a consultant who listens, cares about finding not just any candidate but the right candidate, and tenaciously works to find the ones whose personality and desires in a practice fit your culture and objectives for the role.

We know that filling key openings directly impacts your organization’s reputation, quality of care, and bottom line.

And we know that when there’s a physician opening in a community that goes unfilled, a child’s life is impacted. 

That’s why Pediatric Search Partners was created. Taking care of those who take care of children is our passion.

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