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Pediatric Search Partners knows that flexibility is critical to building the right long-term partnership. That’s why we offer the following services to meet changing recruitment needs.

Priority Search Services

You have an opening that is critical to the health of your department, program or practice.


You need to know that someone other than yourself awakens every day with the same burning desire and sense of urgency you have about getting results.


You’re looking for someone who will not rest until the position is filled. You need a specialist already in the marketplace – someone with the skills and experience to craft and convey the right message, the knowledge of where to take it and the persistence to push the process forward until you’ve signed the best physician or leader for the job.


At Pediatric Search Partners, we understand that everything — your reputation, the success of your practice, your bottom line – depends on finding the best candidate available, the right fit, as rapidly as possible.


That is why we offer Priority Search Services.


For our Priority clients, we are engaged to actively search on a daily basis for the pediatrician, pediatric subspecialist or leader with the credentials and qualifications you need and the personality, vision and passion you desire. We simply will not rest until the search is filled, and you are thrilled with the results. Period.

Contact us so that we can make your need our priority today!

Contingency Placement Services

We’re in the marketplace 365 days a year solely focused on the physicians and healthcare executives within children’s healthcare. Sometimes, we’re contacted by or identify very strong candidates whose desired job specifications and geographic preferences differ from the needs outlined by our Priority Search clients.


Pediatric Search Partners has the flexibility to provide Contingency Placement Services, which offer a unique set of advantages. We’re contacted regularly by pediatricians, pediatric subspecialists and leaders who don’t want to compromise their current position and confidentiality, nor with their busy lives and careers do they have much time to devote to all of the aspects of searching for the perfect job.


They contact us for our experience, specialization and personalized approach. As a boutique search firm, we can provide them with a level of confidentiality they can’t find elsewhere. They’re specialists, so it makes sense that they would also seek trained, experienced specialists to help them find the position of their dreams.


“I have had candidates themselves tell me what a joy Glenda is to work with. A recent candidate told me she was interviewing with four different organizations and that there was a definite difference in the way she was treated by Glenda. She was effusive in her praise of how well Glenda treated her throughout the process.”

– Administrative Director, Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Academic Children’s Hospital


With our contingency services, you only pay a service fee when you choose to hire the physician or leader we represent. In today’s health care environment, both hospitals and physicians are overwhelmed by competing demands.

Your time is limited. Why not choose a highly skilled specialist who knows the market, and connects physicians to opportunities that truly match what they are seeking?

Could we spell “win-win” any other way?

Contact us to find out how to get us started on your search today

Consulting Services

Have you ever hired someone you thought in the interview was your dream candidate only to later discover that he or she was not who you thought they were and even…….a nightmare?


Even the most experienced candidate with an impressive CV may not be the one who will naturally take action and inspire your team with the highest level of inborn leadership traits.


In fact, while a CV and interview provide insight into a candidate’s background and experience, they alone cannot accurately predict and measure his or her potential, true personality characteristics, individual motivations and likely behaviors.


That’s why, after over 16 years’ experience working with their assessments, we partner with Caliper to offer our clients first-hand an objective, accurate employee assessment instrument.


Need to build stronger teams within your hospital or practice? Striving for a more collegial work environment? Caliper is also an extremely effective team-building and diagnostic tool with a 52-year track record of success.


Caliper measures more than 20 different intangible personality traits so you can be sure the candidate you choose for your next C-level, Chair, Vice President or other leadership position really is the best choice for your specific goals and objectives.

Contact us to see how we can put Caliper to use for you in your search.

Available Case Studies

Our Services

We have a variety of case studies that showcase our capabilities as they apply to Executive, Chair, Pediatric and Pediatric Subspecialty search. Please reach out to us to review case studies similar to your needs and goals.


  • “Glenda was an exemplary professional throughout the recruitment process. It was unlike any other professional recruitment experience I have had and I would recommend her freely to anyone in this field.”

    VP & Medical Director Community Health, Top Ranked Children’s Hospital
  • “Our goal is to obtain physicians who are a good match for our hospital and our location. Glenda makes this happen. We can’t recommend her highly enough."

    Top Ranked Children’s Hospital Chief Medical Officer
  • “Glenda provides the boutique approach to recruiting and we couldn’t be happier. She provides a personal touch which is missing from other recruiting firms. The results speak for themselves as we have had incredible success recruiting outstanding physicians and filling difficult-to-fill position.”

    Chief Medical Officer Top Ranked Children’s Hospital
  • “Glenda has a talent to evaluate people and know exactly how they will fit into a particular position. She reads people very well and is amazingly accurate at pinpointing a potential client’s strengths and weaknesses. Her extensive experience and delightful personality makes for a perfect combination for recruiting the proper talent for the right job.”

    Medical Director Top Ranked Children’s Hospital
  • “Glenda has been instrumental in making the interview and negotiation process effortless and stress-free by being both an unbiased mediator and an advisor. She is an excellent recruiter. I recommend her with great enthusiasm.”

    Chief, Section of Pediatric Neurosurgery Children’s Hospital
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