How We Exceed Your Expectations

When it’s right, everything just fits. You feel it.

We know from our collective 60+ years of experience that finding the right pediatric subspecialist or leader is about much more than finding an impressive CV.

It’s about…


finding a doctor whose needs and desires in a practice or location truly match what you have to offer.

finding the right blend of experience, personality, commitment and vision.


finding the right physician who just fits perfectly with your team and who works to execute the vision your leaders have for your hospital or practice.


consultants who sincerely listen to your needs and desires. Who respect your time and match your sense of urgency. And who demonstrate a heart for the business every day.

At Pediatric Search Partners, we know from experience that the ability to provide the right fit is a key difference in your experience and satisfaction with a search firm.

We have the keen, well-honed instincts and experienced ability to read between the lines that only comes from years of being in a business that you are passionate about. We have the proven processes and proper tools to best match people to organizational cultures. And we possess the creativity and tenacity to achieve the results – and the fit – that will grow your practice, advance your reputation and build your competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Because we have also been C-level executives and business owners ourselves, we have actually walked in your shoes. We have felt the pressures you are under and know the inherent costs you incur when you discover you have the wrong person on your team. And, we know first-hand what it takes to execute this crucial concept for you.

Providing you with the right person, the right fit, is one of the key concepts Pediatric Search Partners was founded on based upon over 28 years of feedback from clients just like you and our own experiences within both the search and healthcare industries.

Finding the right fit and exceeding your expectations is our mission.

So rest easy and focus on what you do best. Let Pediatric Search Partners do the rest.

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